Author: Pavel Hnilička
Cooperation: Lenka Tomášová, Jana Kafková, Karolína Röschl, Zuzana Věžníková
Landscape architecture: Pavlína Malíková, Aleš Steiner
Traffic: Josef Filip
Area: 127 ha 
Project: 2018

The project aims to develop a settlement for 3500 inhabitants, which will offer quality housing, including services and job opportunities. Landscape alterations, which were largely predetermined by the zones of protection of the utilities, form an important part of the project.

Although it is not possible to build a fully independent town, given the distance from Prague and the expected number of inhabitants, the new settlement will offer adequate public facilities, shops and services, including job opportunities. Apart from the prevailing residential function of the area, the project also involves shops, public services, a school, a municipal office, outdoor sports ground and a multipurpose hall. The train station will function as a magnet, attracting human activities. A newly built street with a high density of buildings, located between the train station and the planned square, will host public services.

The housing will be based on varying typology of the buildings – from smaller apartment buildings and terraced houses to semidetached houses and villas. The varying typology of the buildings from different architects will contribute to the liveliness and attractiveness of the settlement.