Author: Pavel Hnilička
Cooperation: Daniela Šteflová, Adam Vojtek, Jana Kafková, Petra Sukupová
Client: Private person
Project: 2012
Realization: 2013‒2014
Contractor: Unicont
Built-up area: 246 m2
Gross floor area: 783 m2
Net floor area: 619 m2
Enclosed volume: 2 574 m3
Photographer: Lukáš Žentel

The house is situated in traditional residential destrict and respects the character of the local housing development. Solitary house with two storeys, cellar and attic is arranged on three structural axes, which are also reflected in the arrangement of the facade. The house has the same volume as the previous object from the 1930s, which was pulled down due to poor technical condition.

Piano nobile on the first floor is connected with the upper garden and the balcony faces the street. The second storey consists of bedrooms. The attic features a study, gym and other rooms. The arrangement enables a future division of the house into two separate appartements on each floor.

Pyramid roof is covered with corroded copper. There are scuntion wooden windows with stone casing. The base is faced with sandstone and the rest of the facade is covered with gletted plaster.

The design of the house wants to be discreet, to match the context of the neighborhood. It aims to be solid, classical and timeless.