Authors: Pavel Hnilička, Petra Bláhová-Kandusová, 
Veronika Hamšíková, Jan Dluhoš
Co-coperation: Petr Tej, Tereza Růžičková, Helena Šonská
Landscape architect: Mikoláš Vavřín
Client: Kuprum Development, Ltd.
Contractor: L–stav, Ltd.
Project: 2005–2006
Realization: 2006–2007
Built-up area: 437,3 m²
Gross floor area: 1 201,3 m²
Net area: 954,4 m²
Built-up volume: 4 121,4 m³
Photographer: Filip Šlapal, Jaroslav Hejzlar

Awards: The new building category, Grand Prix of Architects 2008 National Architecture Award; 1st prize in the category of the new building, competition NEW HOME 2008 Awarded in category New Building ARCHITECT'S GRAND PRIX 2008 (National Architecture Award)

Published: Stavba 3/2008, Architekt 03/2008, Dolce Vita 03/2008, Mladá Fronta DNES 9/7/2008, Architekt 07/2008, Mladá Fronta DNES - Příloha Bydlení 27/8/2008, Beton 6/2008, ASB 10/2008, Mladá fronta DNES 10/12/2008, Moderní byt 1/2009, Art + Antiques 1/2009 ; Design&Home 01-02/2010, Kulturně-literární revue Pandora, č.19

There was a little villa on top of the extremely steep plot, which didn’t correspond with the owners‘ conception. Therefore, they have decided to build a terraced house and to dwell in a new comfortable apartment. The concept of terraced structure allowed to assign a roof garden to each flat. This way, it was possible to build the quality of living similar to a family house without huge demands for ground space.

The house is divided into 4 flats, of which one flat is an upper maisonette. There is a garage for eight cars, the entry lobby and small cellars for each fl at on the street level floor. The lift moves through the house and opens directly into each flat; the stairway is located outside the house.
The house is articulated into two parts: the lower base sinked into the slope and the upper „crown“ which has the dimensions of a standard family house. The heavy lower part is made of dark coloured face concrete and refers to the slate rock under the house. The copper panels covering the upper part give it a light roof-like impression.
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