When designing a house, we are interested in shaping the space and in the impact of light. We treat the space within a house as well as on the outside, in relation to its setting.  We are creating an inseparable unit between the house and its surroundings. Every house is an original, which is a part of specific situation, with specific ties to its setting. The dimension of space and character of light affects the feelings of the house's future owners. This is why we prefer moderate proportions, as well as logical and well-arranged space. Sustainability of materials and thorough construction details are a matter of course for us. A house is a significant investment and it should last  and maintain its value. This is why we don't succumb to fashion trends and instead look for timeless values. It is not just about material resistance but also about its appeal for future generations. We like comprehensibility, even certain ordinariness as a guarantee of quality. We regard a house as a stage for all sorts of lifestyles. This is why we value the possibility to use the house freely and in various ways.

Our work includes not only design but also its implementation. We work on first sketches, we deal with authorities, we obtain all the necessary permits, we draw all the details and execution documentation drawings, we help to find a supplier and subsequently check the quality of the building. The presence of an architect in all the stages of the process is essential for a successful result. With the development of technologies and narrow specialisation typical for our era, we focus on managing all stages of the process according to the client's assignment. Our role is not only that of a composer, but also a conductor, because we are not interested in good design but also in beautiful, solid and functional buildings.